Trouble Shooting for Printers

Trouble Shooting for Printers
… a textbook for the printing industry.

Trouble Shooting For Printers provides solutions to a wide variety of technical problems that can be encountered by printers during their everyday work. The book covers subjects ranging from paper, inks and consumables to pre-press, presses and finishing issues. The text is complemented by high-quality photography and images that help explain how to overcome adverse situations that are affecting productivity or quality of the printed material.


How Trouble Shooting For Printers came about …

‘In 1988, while editor of the monthly magazine Inplant & Instant Printer, I had the idea of writing a text book that provided solutions to the technical problems that are commonly, and sometimes not so commonly, encountered by printers in their daily work. Two years later, having interviewed more than forty experts in various print related fields, Trouble Shooting For Printers was published by the British Printing Industries Federation.


‘The title seemed to meet a need in the industry and there was nothing else like it on the market at the time. It received significant coverage and comment throughout the European graphic arts media, as well as further afield. Of course, the book is so out of date today that it is perhaps mainly interesting for its historical value. Having said that, there are some articles that are still relevant and I am ever hopeful that there will be a sudden rush of orders beyond my wildest dreams.’