Nylon Kid of the North

Nylon Kid of the North

… a part autobiography that examines what makes us finally stand up to authority and say ‘No’.

Growing up in a block of flats in Gateshead in the 1960s/70s, life consists of fish fingers, beating the washing on a Monday morning with a poss-stick and screaming at Big Daddy on a Saturday afternoon. A visit to the GP is rare; disagreeing with one unthinkable. During 1981 recurring pain and weight loss forces the author to the local surgery and so begins a journey where hardship and humour are entwined, from the Irish priest livid at discovering him pretending to sleep during his round of the traction ward, to the old man convinced he has had both legs removed.

For nearly two years the author agrees to undergo all the increasingly inaccurate treatments, until the diagnoses ‘This is caused by your imagination. I’m going to put you on a course of Valium’. Then he rebels. But how do you get medical help once you’ve turned down your GP?

A few of the comments on Amazon:

‘A more rare treasure is a memoir of an extraordinary period of an ordinary person’s life, written with enormous humour.’ Helen

‘Excellent! Great read, took it on holiday and couldn’t put it down until the last page!’ Steve.

Paris’s memoirs have been written with wit and had me laughing out loud despite the serious topic of misdiagnosis.’ Lurpakbird.

‘This was a great read, quick and easy to get into and Philip writes with such humour.’ Mariposa.


How Nylon Kid of the North came about …

‘I had written a significant amount of the manuscript around the time of the actual events. It then lay in a drawer for about 20 years! When I eventually dug this out I could see, with the benefit of more experience both as a person and a writer, that if I removed the unrelated text, there was actually a story that told an important and serious message in a way that was amusing. At least I thought so!

‘The book is not an autobiography as my life has really not been that interesting, but it was something I was keen to have published so I gave the manuscript a nip, tuck and polish and self-published it in paperback and ebook. I accept that it’s unlikely to ever lead the best-seller list, but I’ve had some good feedback.’


Nylon Kid of the North (2012) is available in paperback (£6.99) – ISBN: 978-0957235601 – from any high street bookshop, while the paperback/ebook can be ordered from Amazon